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Services by appointment.  Evening and weekend appointments are available. (714)744-0950  Call for a free telephone consultation regarding how I could help.

Have a bright child who is struggling in school?

I am an educational therapist with training in education (3 CA teacher credentials), psychology and neuroscience.  I have worked with students from preschool to college and even adults.

I do testing to determine the cause of learning struggles and explain the results so that parents and their students can understand the specific cognitive weaknesses that are causing learning problems. I write reports for university students to petition for Disabled Student Services, and for testing modifications and accommodations for SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT exams. 

I know how to help students challenged with learning disabilities (Dyslexia) and/or attention deficit disorder (ADHD.)  I provide the additional support they may need beyond what is provided by their regular ed teachers and the limited resource specialist services offered by the public schools and some private schools.

I tutor students who just need school and homework help to more easily complete their regular education assignments, both daily work and long-term projects.  This is especially helpful for teens who may be reluctant to work with their parents as they strive for independence.

I provide individualized instruction to improve word decoding skills,  reading comprehension, and written language skills using research-based methods. I currently use the Barton Reading & Spelling System --the best program I have found in over 30 years.   I also remediate math skill deficits. I have taught math in elementary, middle and high school - I love algebra and geometry!

I can serve as an education advocate to communicate your student's learning needs to his or her teacher and school.  I can provide information regarding the learning services available from the public schools, parental and student rights, and other community resources.

I can advise homeschoolers regarding curriculum and instruction methods individualized for their students.  I have provided reading & math instruction for homeschoolers and high school independent study students on a weekly basis and guided homeschooling moms through their curricula.